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Adult Forum - Introductions / New guy here from West Auckland (nudist)
« Last post by 37MAUCKLAND on December 14, 2017, 05:52:35 AM »
45yo nudist seeking friends and chatting with females or maybe couples...please say hi and lets start a great friendship ok.
check out my profile as happy to chat if you are in New Zealand
Adult Forum - Introductions / Newbies in the houseeeeeeee
« Last post by Elopement50 on December 13, 2017, 04:49:18 PM »
Him: tall fit horny blue eyed silver fox ... Her: very voluptuous cuddly sensual dark haired ... Him: wants to please her. Her: has fantasy about meeting a woman in a club ... wants to be hit public....Him : wants to see her getting hit on ...Her: wants to ask him if she can take her back to room ... Him: more than happy to oblige for some girl on girl fun with him watching for a while then joining in ....
Welcome! Make sure you create a profile on ADULTFUN ( and you can find plenty of members by using the search tool.
Sex & Advice - Ask Men / Re: Sex as a 40 year old
« Last post by grifter on July 25, 2017, 05:54:51 AM »
Hey mate.

Was the same age and same issues. What worked for me was basically, eat better and lift and squat weights.
Adult Forum - Introductions / Hello Everyone Galaxy Club
« Last post by Galaxyclub on July 18, 2017, 02:53:09 AM »
I am new here and introducing you GALAXY CLUB in Auckland is the top-rated gentlemen’s club where you can visit without any hesitation.  They offer full arrangements to the men with sexual needs at low rates.   Make them your first choice & have unlimited fun!  ???
Adult Forum - Introductions / Hello Everyone, Splashclub here!
« Last post by Splashclub on July 18, 2017, 12:41:33 AM »
Splash Club is the most luxurious club which is providing outstanding adult services in New Zealand. We have created a highly plush environment that you want to come here again and again. Get connected to us and enjoy the services of sexy escorts.
Ton know more about our services visit
Looking for a bit of fun on the side :) No strings, just a safe good time.
Singles - Personals & Classifieds / CUUB M40s DD/ /s PPred NZ M4F+
« Last post by CockUpUrBum on May 18, 2017, 01:09:49 PM »
this ad is all about location I am permanent Far North, New Zealand but I wander to Auckland and yonder for the right rewards ;)
Virtual relationships are great and all but my current aren't looking like they'll convert to In Real Life soon enough for My liking
So ladies I'm available for casual + liaisons
We can get to know each other online {briefly} before a low key meet
{I'm in Auckland soon ... that will be the 19-22 May}
U don't have to be exactly what I'm looking for or into all my kinks
just 1 primary will do
so go on check my profile then message me
C U Soon
remember YKIOK
have a kinky day ;)
Off-Topic / A serious plea for Accommodation 19-22 March
« Last post by CockUpUrBum on May 16, 2017, 07:14:22 AM »
OK next road trip is the 19th I sleep this overnight
the 20th I won't be sleeping at all because I am at an all night event
and the 21st I'll be trying to get 6 hours ish in the afternoon
then 22nd might be an overnight or I may leave for the Far North

A serious plea for Accommodation or at least a safe place to pitch my tent
OK in the Far North although there are Kinksters there is no ‘scene’
So that means no seminars workshops Munches or Play Gatherings
So I’ve decided in the interim to spend up 2 a week a month in theory in Auckland where there R these attractions
Obviously it’s implausible to sleep in my own bed and far too optimistic to expect to have a 'date’ willing to host every night I’m there
I have an Alternative Lifestyle I which I am quite content with
What it does not include is personal transport or adequate income to pay for transport AND Accommodation AND Event Costs AND Travel Expenses AND FOOD AND Coffee

[mandatory to secure free internet at cafes and I is totally addicted anyway].

So to balance this financial a little I hitch Hike down, eat fuck all, and bring a tent.
However so far the campsites that have vacancies want a 2 person minimum which out of reach with rent to pay back home

Do please if U can host me or just give permission to pitch mt rent in the backyard for whatever time frame

PLEASE Private Message me!
This the ‘funny’ that got a total if 1 offer off Craig List from a ‘foot slave’ who stood me up at the last minute and left me with NO Accommodation in Auckland for 2 days

Will trade hosting for sexual favours or other services

Will trade your hosting for sexual favours or other services M4F+

Hi ya really GOING to go from Far North to Auckland 28th to approx 7ish events and generally get into as much 'trouble’ as possible down there for a few days

I need a backup place to crash this can be as grotty as a shed, cause hopefully I will be offered more snugly accommodation some nights ;)

After a really bad experience with a refused booking at a commercial accommodation I vowed never to use any in Auckland again

soooooo … throw me in the shed and use me as the House Boy / Servant … sexual or not.

I can cook and clean and …

I Don’t Care as long as I have a confirmed place to sleep I’ll feel a lot more secure coming down

Yeah not feeling secure but going anyway!

OK some obvious stuff:

I am Drug and Disease Free

I never intentionally 'touch’ ANYONE without their express consent / permission

I practice ‘Safe Sex’ so you and the next person will consent to it!

So how about good deeds with some instant gratification?

I am a 'mature’ and can behaviour at this level too.

Wank me … oops typo! … Wink me … or message me if U can offer some arrangement … a ride … or other 'trouble’!

Will trade your hosting for sexual favours or other services M4F+

The ad was actually quite serious maybe people took it as a joke?!?!?!?
Hi, I'm a middle aged man very much interested in a bisexual encounter with 1-2 men, just some nsa fun, I would like to be the catcher if you could be my pitcher/pitchers, I LOVE to be on the receiving end! Located in Chch, would really like some big dick in me! Size is a must, I like them large ;D Maybe just to get it out of my system lol. Must be clean and practice safe sex etc, if this sounds like your thing and you are interested drop me a line and we'll talk some more :)
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