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user photo If anyone is keen on using the Chat Rooms, and wanting to organise a session or inform others then add a comment here. Let people know what time you will be in the chatrooms.

Click the "Chat" menu up the top of the site to access the chat rooms. I think some people are thinking that this blog post is the chat room, but it's not smile
Posted by rugged 29/11/2011 08:05 PM 127 Comments
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Comments (127)

kiza40s is offlinekiza40s

Couple in palmerston north looking for female or couple for fun times today
06/10/2021 08:34 PM Top

cynwane is offlinecynwane

Hot couple from wellington looking for fun with a Hottie or maybe another couple
25/02/2021 12:39 AM Top

foreskin is offlineforeskin

Any women from West Auckland
14/02/2021 05:15 AM Top

snowy is offlinesnowy

I'll have a look because until now I've struggled to find the chat site.
10/02/2021 07:37 PM Top

ready2mingle is offlineready2mingle

Where di i find the meanings to the abreviations please
30/07/2019 05:25 PM Top

backpanther13 is offlinebackpanther13

26m in auck.hello wink
27/06/2019 10:51 AM Top

kinkyshypoly is offlinekinkyshypoly

Hey couple 32F 39M
20/06/2019 09:49 AM Top

justm is offlinejustm

Go to the chat room
05/06/2019 12:50 AM Top

aussiebob is offlineaussiebob

wheres this bloody chat room? ffs can't find site layout is horrible ffs can't even find decent hookers ..FFS 29 year old young buck manager size 13 boot and cant even find a bloody hooker wtf is this site get lost navigating to nowhere!?0221859913
30/05/2019 02:22 AM Top

ready2mingle is offlineready2mingle

Going to be in chatroom 7pm tomorrow saturday 25 may 2019
24/05/2019 12:43 PM Top

nudgejoyer is offlinenudgejoyer

Kia Ora  31 female Wellington
26/04/2019 04:40 AM Top

kaydoe is offlinekaydoe

Chats around
15/04/2019 06:25 PM Top