Bukkake party : Wanting to start a bukkake party!

user photo Hi there I am wanting to find dirty minded people like me to start a bukkake party/club. anyone who is interested please message mesmile
Posted by mrkinkee 14/04/2012 07:23 AM 51 Comments
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Comments (51)

shakya is offlineshakya

Keen to go Peaches and Cream in K road tonight?
10/09/2017 06:36 AM Top

ninjak is offlineninjak

30/07/2017 08:49 PM Top

makeyuw3t is offlinemakeyuw3t

Waikato i would defiantly be keen!
30/07/2017 07:47 PM Top

josh69er is offlinejosh69er

I'm in tauranga and would love to be involved in a buakke party
04/02/2017 10:51 PM Top

bicouple18 is offlinebicouple18

Anything in Hamilton?
10/07/2016 10:24 PM Top

borntobebad is offlineborntobebad

Anyone in Waikato interest? I'm keen!!
15/06/2016 06:22 PM Top

bicouple18 is offlinebicouple18

Anyone near Waikato keen
31/03/2016 04:23 PM Top

rose is offlinerose

Ok excuse me for being dumb but what is that?
04/03/2016 03:09 PM Top

happyjohnn50 is offlinehappyjohnn50

21/01/2016 09:01 AM Top

happyjohnn50 is offlinehappyjohnn50

Yes please x
21/01/2016 08:59 AM Top