Best sex experiences : What's Your Best Sexual Experiences

user photo I saw a blog a while back about peoples but it's gone now so I though I would make a new one.

So lets talk about your sex experiences! What's your best sexual experiences?
Posted by sarah 02/06/2012 06:24 AM 19 Comments
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Comments (19)

dtfall is offlinedtfall

Me and my partner slept with her mother
24/05/2018 01:41 AM Top

kytgirl2016 is offlinekytgirl2016

Looking for hung guys in Hastings wanting to cuckold another mans woman on the 16th, message me x
02/12/2016 07:28 AM Top

ackie is offlineackie

i loved it when my x use to put her silk panties on me make me cum in them she use to squeze my precum threw the crutch of them and then beat my shaft for ages making me cum sevril times in her panties till they were soaking in my cum she was great and her panties sexy as felt good getting beaten threw them felt good just wearing them little lone blowing loads of cum threw them.
02/02/2016 03:05 AM Top

pleasetakeme is offlinepleasetakeme

No best one yet still waiting hope a lady will mail me and we can work it out. ma mail is: boerewors20 at hot mail ####### com for a first talk and maybe coffee or something.
23/01/2016 06:51 AM Top

ayurvedalex is offlineayurvedalex

I found online a couple that like to have sex with me. When we met the man were not there so I have relly good sex with the indian woman i make her coming for hours...I have a big cock for her pussy even if I am only 18cm. I came back home and I told my wife all the story and she asked to me to meet them. So we went to the couple but again only the woman was present and we (me and my wife) fuck her and she became almost mad for the experience. The hubby arrived in the morning thanking us to have fucked his wife as a couple. My wife, I am not joking, fucked her even more than me with mouth and dildo......we repeated the threesome with her frequently for a long time......I am lucky is true the best sex of my life was in the marriage mine and of others, at least at that I am separated my wife indeed felt in love of that even if we broke we met one time a year to have sex all me, my ex and the indian woman.......the pleasue is to satisfy both of them.....
22/09/2015 12:39 AM Top

kiwisrkool is offlinekiwisrkool

I was 18 and heading overseas for the big OE. On the plane I was befriended by a British Airways trolley dolly. General chit chat and she found I was arriving in London without anywhere to stay that first night. She offered her spare room which  i gladly accepted. Well one thing led to another and a bottle of wine later were in the sack banging away. In the morning she asked me how old i was. 18 i said and she just about shit! She said "Fuck. I've got a son older than you" Turns out she was 40 and her son was 20. Didn't stop her having a second round though. Good times, good fun.

Last edited by kiwisrkool on 2015-07-10 08:29 GMT
10/07/2015 08:27 AM Top

kiwisrkool is offlinekiwisrkool

The last one . . . .and the next one.
10/07/2015 08:13 AM Top

redrose is offlineredrose

I have two & thinking about them makez me horney. One was in a tour bus my ex used to drive. One day we got horney while waiting in hamilton. So we fucked on the seat next to the window as people went past. The other was in perth where i was taken from behind bent over the back of a car.
27/09/2014 06:07 AM Top

tech is offlinetech

When I was 16 I went camping with three girls from school...I was a virgin and we stole alcohol from our parents, started drinking and playing truth or think I know im kissing the then just turned into a fuck fest and we all took turns having sex! Damn good sex experience and was my best still to date!
10/05/2014 05:02 AM Top

glenmorangie is offlineglenmorangie

no question,, Barbados on holiday with mates after my divorce, met a local waitress, stunning smile, amazing figure , butt to die for , spent most of the next three weeks with her , mind blowing sex, her skin was so soft and the way her body moved was incredible, graceful and elegant but sexy as hell. Had I not just been divorced I would have asked her to leave the island and come to Hong Kong with me , will never forget her ...16 years ago and so still so vivid
23/10/2013 07:30 AM Top

fant is offlinefant

My best sexual experience was with my wife soon after our honeymoon. I invited one of her college friends to join us in a threesome as I knew he liked her. We calculated that it was somewhere in the middle of her cycle and so she was fertile. I told him about it and suggested that he should fuck her unprotected and he was to decide whether to ejaculate inside her on not. But if he did he knew that he would most probably impregnate her. And she, of course, also knew this. That was the most thrilling experience while we didn't know what he would do. And he decided to fuck her to the end and left his seed inside her. Then he did it once again that night. He then said he just couldn't stop intime as the feeling was too intense. We were almost sure he had knocked her up. But then came her period. Everything was alright. We haven't practiced unprotected sex since then. But who knows, maybe we shall in the future.
21/10/2013 04:50 PM Top

sarah is offlinesarah

Oooo my best sex experience blog is kind interesting! loving the stories guys n gals..don't stop! hehe
21/06/2012 11:28 PM Top