Sex Stories : Craziest places people have had sex

user photo Whats the craziest or most weird places you've had sex?
Posted by AdultFun 08/11/2012 10:58 PM 36 Comments
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Comments (36)

cleopatra is offlinecleopatra

I had the most exploring sex in the sex booth of Peaches and Cream in Karangahape Street. hot and steamy. Thanks baby for the experience.
25/11/2017 08:10 PM Top

insomniac is offlineinsomniac

On the back of a coach grabbing on to the seat in front of me reverse cowgirling the fuck out of him. Great turn-on knowing everyone knew what was happening and chose to ignore ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
27/04/2017 02:20 PM Top

shycouple is offlineshycouple

Fuckd my high school teacher ova her desk b4 class started.
22/04/2017 04:01 PM Top

hellofunhot is offlinehellofunhot

Hey how are you? Call me 021 0594248 to know each other to start
20/03/2017 01:17 AM Top

winkwinkfun is offlinewinkwinkfun

on a tractor under a full moon night she rode me hard and was flexible enough for a 69 very nice night licking her pussy and seeing the stars in the background!!
05/01/2017 02:23 AM Top

canamyeahman is offlinecanamyeahman

In a cemetery while the new years fireworks were going off with people everywhere...we didn't care and had a rather large audience and even had two other couples join us...Awesome new years
29/10/2016 11:40 AM Top

royangela69 is offlineroyangela69

fucking in a cemetery right across from were you work at.
12/10/2016 01:53 PM Top

homer is offlinehomer

Hand job in a movie theaters, hand job at a beach
30/08/2016 12:03 PM Top

iwannafuck is offlineiwannafuck

Standing up against a building on a footpath with the police stopping and asking if we are ok. Then we both had orgasimed at the same time.
15/08/2016 10:24 PM Top

sthbiguy is offlinesthbiguy

In the middle of a dance floor standing up,
23/07/2016 04:37 AM Top

unicorngirl is offlineunicorngirl

On a pony jump in an equestrian ring... under the full moon. Super erotic!
22/07/2016 04:07 AM Top

lionrocket is offlinelionrocket

In the sea off a very crowded beach in Hong Kong
17/07/2016 05:26 AM Top