Looking for a bi curious woman : I want to lick your clit while I watch you suck on his cock

user photo I'm looking for a bi curious woman who wants to cum multiple times .
I want to spread your pussy lips and stick my tongue deep inside you , watch your pussy tighten as I touch your clit with my vibrator ....... glide my fingers deep inside you in and out while you get face fucked . I want his cum all over your pussy so I can lick it off and watch the moment you cum nice and hard 😈😈
Posted by deepthroati 05/05/2017 10:16 AM 8 Comments
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Comments (8)

kiza40s is offlinekiza40s

Couple looking now
24/06/2021 01:12 PM Top

bigstify is offlinebigstify

Well that's me soaking wet rfn
16/11/2019 03:51 AM Top

tauriqk22 is offlinetauriqk22

Thats hot
09/06/2017 08:15 PM Top

sihachi is offlinesihachi

17/05/2017 09:24 AM Top

rocolisa99 is offlinerocolisa99

Sexy x
16/05/2017 01:28 PM Top

cass213 is offlinecass213

Damn 🙋
09/05/2017 12:21 AM Top

blondemurf is offlineblondemurf

tongue Um Yes please
06/05/2017 04:58 PM Top

purplebubbles is offlinepurplebubbles

Mmm sounds good
06/05/2017 08:37 AM Top
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