Unexpected pleasure : I never seen this coming

user photo I was fishing the other week in the great out doors. It was sunny with a decent breeze blowing. So any way i decide to take all my clothes off so i could tan my white bum and fish at the same time. Now this was the first time i had ever braved my self to the elements. I was kinda nervous id be seen but i went at it anyway. So about 5 minutes in i started to feel quiet good ..too good. Been naked out here blew my mind it turned me on so bad. I had the hardest cock id had in a long time. So i gave in to temptation. Instead of fishing i spent the whole day teasing my cock in the sun. I had the most amazing orgasm when i blew. Ot was so good i had to document every stroke every move. All the photos and videos i got proove to be very good alone time meterial. Any how i was thinking about how i could improve this. The answer was pretty simple. Company is what i need. Id really like to have some one else with me braving it all. And i would like to take the same slow approach for the first while no touching of each other at all.( hands on your self only ). Until its soo unbearable we have to give in to the lust. And even then no penetration. Foreplay only our goal is to build up each others orgasam to were both dripping with precum. Till were both screaming for the penetration. And when it does nothing will compare. Followed by the craziest mind blowing orgasms we didnt think were possible.
I really hope to achieve this while its still warm and summerish.
If your interested in participating  id love to hear from you.
Posted by thrill1990 10/03/2018 06:41 PM 1 Comments
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