up for fun : cocks wanted

user photo hi there

we, myself and a lady friend are looking for guys to help forfill her fantasy of being fucked by several cocks at once, we looking for about 4 at this stage maybe more if it all goes well first time.  We have a p,lace we can use in the chch area so if u  keen send me a message
Posted by snowballme1 05/11/2009 10:56 PM 7 Comments
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Comments (7)

horneyinchch is offlinehorneyinchch

02/05/2018 10:33 PM Top

kittycatcher is offlinekittycatcher

this blog is ancient... is it still even valid smile ?
27/04/2012 10:15 AM Top

mrkinkee is offlinemrkinkee

I am soo keen, I've got plenty of Cock and Cum to donate to your cause!!
20/04/2012 06:45 PM Top

steelman0 is offlinesteelman0

Yep i,d love to helpout let me no what the plan
27/11/2009 07:39 PM Top

chchfunguy30 is offlinechchfunguy30

whats the lady like, any pic?
11/11/2009 01:19 AM Top

snowballme1 is offlinesnowballme1

any guy with a cock that wants to fuck this dirty girl
10/11/2009 05:05 PM Top

chchfunguy30 is offlinechchfunguy30

what kind of guys are you looking for?
10/11/2009 03:25 AM Top
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