Blog Rules for ADULTFUN

Creating blogs is a great way to interact with other members on AdultFun | NZ Dating.

You can write topics on basically anything you wish, for example you can create topics on subjects that you may want to know peoples opinions, or topics about online dating, love, sex and casual fun. You can even advertise to people in further detail about what your interests are and expand your Adult dating profile. The options are almost limitless, only with the exception of the rules and conditions which must be followed at all times.

Failure to follow rules may result in the termination of your account.

Blog Rules for AdultFun | NZ Dating

    Memberships & Legal Requirements

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years of age, a member and have read the Terms & Conditions of this adult dating site in order to create blogs or comments.

  • General Blog Content Rules

  • Blog content and comments must not be negative in nature that discredits this website in anyway or form.

  • It is prohibited to use blogging or commenting to complain about any aspect of this website unless there is a dedicated Blog Topic that has been created by an authority for this purpose. If you have any complaints or concerns then please contact an administrator or use our Contact Form

  • You may not use blogs or commenting to harass, intimidate, or belittle other members of this adult dating site.

  • You must never use blogs or commenting to advertise without permission external URLs, or names of other competitive social networking sites or dating sites.

  • Categories, topics and blog commenting must not contain material that is deemed as inappropriate by unacceptable or extreme levels of vulgarity or obscenity.

  • Racism is not tolerated and will result in immediate account termination and the permanent blocking of your IP addresses.

  • Categories & Topics

  • You must keep your blog 'Topics' relative to your 'Categories'. For example, if you create a blog category called "Online Dating" your topics that you create about "Online Dating" must be relative to the category "Online Dating" - An example of a Topic that relates to "Online Dating" could be called "What are the benefits of online dating?"

  • Blog Commenting

  • Please also make sure your comments on peoples blogs are also relevant to their topic.


Please respect the rules so that we can keep this blogging service free from any pre-approval process, which means currently all blogs and posts will be submitted to the site without being approved by an administrator. We want to keep it this way so that you can have a better experience communicating and using our adult dating site.

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